Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Writing Camp

Hmmmmm ... Making time to write. Tough one. I will most likely cut out the tv time in my evening to get some word from my head to paper. I feel much like a couple other people posted: most of my writing ideas never make it to paper (or iPad). I would like to shoot for 15 minutes a day. Attainable? I sure hope so. I'm gonna try!! Another reason I'm trying out this summer writing camp thing is to try and get a feel for what I ask my students to do. I ask them to do quick writes and I'm already noticing that it's more difficult than I thought to keep writing for 2 minutes without stopping to think! I've tried writing many times; I've always wanted to be published in NCTE or somewhere noticeable, but don't set the time aside necessary to make it work. I'm hoping this writing camp will help me to experience some authentic writing that can help me be a better teacher of writing.

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